Kicking animals out of their habitats

Would you like to be a koala living in a tree and 2 seconds later you get bulldozed? This is not just happening in Australia it is all around the world, trees have been getting cut down like rapid fire. People are decreasing nature by making cities. There are some wild animals that now are getting kicked out of their natural habitats. Some animals now have nowhere to live. This really badly needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Animals are very important to us and they have the same life as us think about that you were getting kicked out of your house to make a city then the chances of you living would be death 75% to 25% living so now you can memorise how it feels.

Some people are buying some Aussie animal cards but there are no Aussie animals just cards. To be honest I like going for a run in the forest sometimes but every time there is always cities or houses under construction. I have now seen animals on the street with nowhere to live and nothing to eat and they just die. I am going to tell people to stop chopping down trees and leaving it alone. I am going to try and raise money for this to stop.

Are you sick and tired of these big or little guys having nowhere to live they are so scared and terrified we need to keep their habitats alive well. We need to protect their habitats.

Helen rednedge

Helen Rednedge
Helen grew up in Gisborne and it was the best place to grow up in that she said. Helen came here when she was 15 she loved the nature and the wildlife in Gisborne.
Helen’s first job was at Gisborne hardware store and then she became a councilor Helen was really nervous before she got elected. Helen really liked her new job but it meant she didn’t get as much spare time as she used to. Her favorite place in Gisborne was the nature reserve.

Helen’s Job as a councillor
Helen is one of the 9 councilors in all wards, she is from the South ward. Councilors have a lot of meetings and they vote they all get to have a say of what they think, and then they vote the reason they only have 9 councilors is if a vote can go either way the closest they can get is 5-4. Councillors try to make good decision to help their ward and make it a better place.

Now I know why they have 9 councilors did you know that Tasmanian devil’s were in Gisborne for a short amount of time? There are nearly 400 people in the Council I learnt that it is hard work to be a councillor.


I was finally born  and I was playing with my toy Elmo for life

my mum tried to wash him but I wouldn’t let go

the only time he was washed was when I was asleep,

I decided to call him stinky Elmo.

The Magic Flute

I really liked Tamino and how he and the others singing was really well. It was funny when Papagino was never following his orders. I liked how Tamino always did what he was told and always listened and tried really hard and I liked how they said that Papagino never did as well asTamino. And that Tamino tried so much harder than Papagino. I liked that Sarastro tried to help Tamino and Papagino the opposite of what the Queen said.

My three way conference

My three way conference. I think I did well at explaining my three way conference. I needed to improve on my revising and looking at the person I am explaining to and to be careful not to speak too fast. Mrs Walker thought my explorer poster was excellent.

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